West Coast Forum

National Standard 1 and Optimum Yield

September 5-6, 2012 • Monterey, CA

Final AgendaFinal Report

The purpose of the 2012 West Coast Forum was to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with the concept of optimum yield and the implementation of the National Standard 1 Guidelines.

Forum Objectives

  • Enhance understanding of National Standard 1 (NS1) and the concept of optimum yield

  • Identify successes and challenges to achieving optimum yield, and examine how different councils have interpreted and implemented National Standard 1

  • Discuss how the National Standard 1 guidelines currently provide a framework to support Councils in achieving optimum yield, and where additional support may be needed

  • Explore innovative approaches for evaluating tradeoffs and balancing competing objectives through the Council decision making process

  • Build participants’ skills to lead their councils in structuring and facilitating tradeoff discussions

  • Provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions relevant to the current Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise the NS1 Guidelines

Forum Resources

Introduction to Optimum Yield and National Standard 1

Maximum Sustainable Yield and Optimum Yield Concepts

Rick Methot, National Stock Assessment Coordinator, NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology


Optimum Yield Application

Galen Tromble, Chief of Domestic Fisheries, NOAA Fisheries Office of Sustainable Fisheries


Tools for getting to “optimum”

Ecosystem service tradeoff analysis for engaging stakeholders and supporting managers

Ben Halpern, Director, Center for Marine Assessment and Planning (CMAP), University of California Santa Barbara


Structured decision making in fisheries management applications

Graham Long, Partner, Compass Resource Management Ltd.