West Coast Forum


September 20-21, 2010 • Monterey, CA

Final AgendaFinal Summary

Regional Allocation Report

The purpose of the 2010 West Coast Forum was to explore the goals, criteria, formulas, tools, and strategies used to guide and support allocation decisions.

Forum Objectives

  • Identify and clarify potential goals and objectives of fishery allocation decisions, and facilitate understanding of how the allocation process can be used to achieve fishery management objectives

  • Explore possible criteria and formulas for making allocation decisions that flow from specified goals and objectives

  • Enhance understanding of the different analytical tools available to help managers understand the potential outcomes of different allocation schemes and to identify strategies that are consistent with the managers’ goals

  • Help fishery managers navigate difficult conversations and reconcile diverse viewpoints by developing conflict resolution and consensus-building skills

Forum Resources (Days 1 and 2)

Keynote presentation

The challenge of allocation: Lessons from the allocation of non-fishery resources

Buzz Thompson, Director, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University


Developing allocation frameworks

Fisheries in Mexico: Rethinking research and policy

Miguel Cisneros, Director in Chief, National Fisheries Institute, Mexico


Can principles defuse allocation fights between commercial and recreational fishermen?

Julie Morris, former member, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council


Navigating inter-sector allocations

Commercial-recreational allocation practice in Canadian fisheries

Gordon Gislason, President, Gislason and Associates


Forty years of Australian experience with tradable access management and the evolution of allocation processes

Jeremy Prince, Independent Consultant


Identifying allocation goals and objectives

Allocation and community dependence: The Bering Sea crab example

Steve Minor, Executive Director, North Pacific Crab Association


Sector allocation in New England’s groundfish fishery

Eric Brazer, Sector Manager, Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association


Allocation as a conservation tool

Bill Orr, President, Alaska Seafood Cooperative


Allocation tools

Social effects of allocation

Madeline Hall-Arber, Marine Anthropologist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Information and analysis in support of fisheries allocation decisions

Gordon Gislason, President, Gislason and Associates


Striking the balance: Using the Marine InVEST tool to evaluate tradeoffs between multiple marine ecosystem services

Jodie Toft, Postdoctoral Scientist, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University