Co-Management and Cooperative Research

West Coast Forum • September 4-5, 2014 • Coronado, CA

Final Agenda  •  Final Report

The purpose of the 2014 West Coast Forum was to explore the roles of co-management and cooperative research in advancing management objectives, and promoting innovation and efficiency through sharing responsibility.

Forum Objectives

  • Enhance participants’ understanding of co-management and cooperative research approaches

  • Explore examples of co-management and cooperative research in practice and draw lessons from those experiences

  • Consider the legal authorities, procedural mechanisms, analytical requirements, and tradeoffs associated with co-management arrangements

  • Discuss how cooperative research can be leveraged to support council decision-making

  • Examine the roles and responsibilities of councils, NOAA Fisheries, and stakeholders in engaging in formal and informal partnerships

  • Reflect on the role of leadership and relationship building in supporting innovative management and research arrangements

Day 1  •  Thursday, September 4th

Introduction and origins

Cooperative research and co-management
Heather Sagar, Senior Policy Advisor, NOAA Fisheries Office of Policy
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Origins of co-management: Northwest Indian Treaty Tribes
Craig Bowhay, Fisheries Policy Analyst, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
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Public-private partnerships in co-management

Salmon bycatch in the North Pacific pollock fishery
Sally Bibb, Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator, NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office

Sector management in the New England groundfish fishery
Tom Nies, Executive Director, New England Fishery Management Council
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Private-private partnerships in co-management

Bycatch risk pools in Pacific groundfish fisheries
Bob Dooley, Trawl Fisherman, Half Moon Bay, CA

Bycatch avoidance networks in New England and Mid-Atlantic Fisheries
Cate O’Keefe, Research Associate, University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, School for Marine Science and Technology
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Community co-management

The American Samoa community-based fisheries management program
Domingo Ochavillo, Chief Fisheries Biologist, American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources
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Lessons from community co-management in the Western Pacific
Arielle Levine, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, San Diego State University
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Day 2  •  Friday, September 5th

Innovation and proof of concept through exempted fishing permits

Electronic monitoring in the Pacific groundfish ITQ fishery
Dorothy Lowman, Chair, Pacific Fishery Management Council
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Halibut bycatch handling in the North Pacific flatfish fishery
John Gauvin, Fisheries Research Projects Director, Alaska Seafood Cooperative
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Cooperative research in practice

Cooperative research overview and NOAA’s Cooperative Research Working Group
Suzanne Kohin, NOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center
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Blueline tilefish exempted fishing permit
Brian Cheuvront, Fishery Economist, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
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The success of industry collaboration in U.S. sea scallop research
Cate O’Keefe, Research Associate, University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, School for Marine Science and Technology
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