East Coast Forum

Managing for Recreational Objectives

May 5-6, 2014 • Beaufort, NC

Final AgendaFinal Report

The purpose of the 2014 East Coast Forum was to explore the steps councils are taking to identify, communicate, and manage for recreational and for-hire management objectives.

Forum objectives

  • Share experiences with regional recreational management issues, and consider how these issues are shaping the national discourse about recreational fisheries management and policy

  • Examine the steps councils have taken to identify recreational management objectives

  • Explore the roles and responsibilities associated with data collection and analysis in support of recreational fisheries management, with a focus on electronic reporting methods

  • Consider ideas and themes of discussion from NOAA Fisheries’ April 2014 National Recreational Saltwater Fishing Summit

  • Share experiences navigating challenging discussions

  • Discuss the efforts councils are undertaking to engage the recreational community in the management process, identify values and preferences, and support long-term planning

Forum Resources (Days 1 and 2)

Engaging the recreational community

SAFMC Visioning Project: Developing a long-term plan for the snapper grouper fishery

Michelle Duval, North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries; Chair, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council


Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Communications: Engaging the recreational community

Emily Muehlstein, Fisheries Outreach Specialist, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council


Visioning and strategic planning: Engaging the Mid-Atlantic recreational fishing community

Mary Clark, Communications Program Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council


NOAA Fisheries initiatives

NOAA Fisheries Recreational Fisheries Economics & Human Dimensions Program

Rita Curtis, Chief, Economics and Social Analysis Division, NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology


NOAA Fisheries Recreational Fisheries Engagement Initiative

Danielle Rioux, Recreational Fisheries Policy Specialist, NOAA Fisheries